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Online backup is an essential part of modern life. Without it, you are at risk of potentially losing irreplaceable documents, files, videos, photos, and music. The process of backing up your files online is often referred to as cloud storage or online storage and allows you access anywhere, anytime. If you are looking to for online backup but not sure which company to entrust then use our recommended online backup list, comparison chart, and online backup reviews to help with your decision.

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Rank Online Backup Providers Storage Money Back Automated Price Score Review
MyPCBackup Review Unlimited Anytime yes FREE(Limited Time)

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2 Unlimited Anytime yes $4.95

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3 2TB 14-Day semi $7.95

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4 Unlimited Anytime semi $4.95

Read Zip Cloud Backup Reviews
5 60GB None yes $9.95

Read SugarSync Backup Reviews
6 50GB None yes $9.95

Read Mozy Backup Reviews
7 20GB None yes $9.95

Read iCloud Backup Reviews
8 Unlimited Non-refundable yes $8.25

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9 50GB None yes $9.99

Read BackBlaze Backup Reviews
10 50GB 30 Days semi $9.99

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Study Backup Aims to Make Student Cloud Backup Effortless

Ever since the inception of cloud backup when it was dubbed by critics as just another temporary tech fad that would slip into obscurity once the novelty had worn thin, the revolutionary system has continued to soar sky high.

One need only take a brief glance at the data storage landscape to realize just how dominating the system has become over conventional storage devices such as flash drives and external hard drives. Not only are cloud backup start-ups popping up left, right and center, sometimes on a daily basis, tech companies offering other internet or software-based services are embracing the cloud and developing services of their own.

But what if you’re not just an everyday user such as a family man wanting to backup his photos, or a businessman wanting to create the ultimate data continuity plan? What if you’re a student?—a student wanting a cheap service that isn’t just another boring backup and access service, instead wanting one with all the bells and whistles? And for a cheaper price too? (After all, partying coupled with a bit of education on the side hasn’t got any cheaper, has it?)

Study Backup, a cloud backup service that’s now beginning to makes waves, plans to look after this younger demographic of the market. Study Backup has taken a different approach toward its service, from features, storage plans, to the very design and layout of its control panel interface and website.

Production began after conducting research into the relationship between students and data management to gain a greater insight into their needs. From the survey, the majority of the 1000 students expressed that:

-          though they were born into a generation saturated with technology, it does not mean they enjoy being glued to it for long periods of time; they instead prefer simple, fast-function mobile apps which don’t interfere with socializing and studies

-          though there is a need to secure work through a more robust backup system, there is also a strong demand to backup popular social media such as photos and videos, and also music albums

-          cloud backup is perceived as effective, but also as a long-winded, boring process that is too expensive for the average student; and that only minimal storage limit plans are affordable, of which are detrimental as these accounts would have to be constantly organized to free up space

This view of data management was analyzed by the Study Backup team, and soon its developers built and launched a service that adhered to the specific design requirements necessary to fulfill the needs of its market.

Knowing it was crucial the service didn’t tie its users down to a desktop, the team implemented a whole range of apps—in addition to its desktop software—which can be quickly installed onto just about every kind of mobile device thinkable, such as notebooks, smartphones and tablets.

The apps themselves were specifically designed to be ultra-simple, with clear, uncomplicated user-interfaces and controls which can perform tasks in seconds. Because of the speed and lightning responsiveness of the apps, it means that the business of managing files steers clear of being time-consuming and tedious.

To tackle the issue of storage space and the mundane-ness of de-cluttering files, Study Backup made things very simple indeed. Unlimited backup as standard means that storage capacity limits needn’t enter the minds of users. Plan prices are also very affordable for this sector of the market, being some of the most competitive around.

The service is complemented by an array of extra features, too, some of which are highly practical, whether for campus or personal needs. ‘Automated Scheduled Backups’ means that devices such as notebooks can be scheduled to backup a students work, photos, music and videos, on a weekly, daily, or hourly basis.

‘File Sharing’ allows students to share work instantly with their fellow peers, or even friends and family, and brings simplicity to project collaborations. Important work, such as the latest viral video of that frowning cat, can be shared by sending a simple link to the recipient (password protected or not), through social media websites, or via email. The major advantage of this tool over conventional sharing, is the removal of file size restrictions.

The ‘Sync Folder’ is also particularly handy; for example, if you forgot to take your notebook to class on the day of a presentation, the same files containing your notes can be accessed through this folder from every other device, such as your smartphone, connected to your account.

Study Backup certainly seems to possess a number of attractive qualities which could lead to it catching the attention of the student market out there on a large scale. This gives it great potential to grow into a mainstream name that could travel the halls of colleges and universities, and find its niche service and approach paying off in the not too distant future.

For more information, you can visit the Study Backup website now.

New Platform Released from Mural to Enhance SMB Cloud Storage Adoption

Supplier of first-in-class customer on-boarding for cloud storage and managed IT services, Mural, has recently revealed its Platform MaaX, an on-boarding and post-sales support platform which increases the speed of cloud storage adoption for SMBs.

Available as Mural-branded managed or a private-label service, Platform MaaX is delivered from the Mural Customer Experience Center, Tucson, Ariz. Additionally, MaaX can be licensed, which includes use of tools, methods, content and data analytics. The supplier will demonstrate the advantages of its customer experience offerings live at this year’s HostingCon, a leading convention for cloud storage and web-hosting services held in Austin, Texas.

MaaX speeds up the path to revenue for service providers and makes sure users get the max out of their cloud storage services, rising activation rates by over 200% and lowering customer churn by over 65%. MaaX supports a growing range of mission-critical SaaS services from internationally leading cloud storage providers such as Mozy.

Simon Kingston, Sales Director, Global OEM, Mozy, stated: ‘Cloud storage-based applications can provide greater flexibility and lower upfront costs for many businesses, but some are inexperienced at deploying them. This can sometimes be a barrier to adoption. Mural uses its expertise in deploying cloud storage services and deep knowledge of Mozy’s cloud storage solutions to assist businesses on their journey to the cloud, with services like Platform MaaX.’

At the core of MaaX is a range of capabilities such as simple to use activation scheduler, rapid on-boarding and data migration applications, industry-first Customer Experience 360 training and certification program, in-depth dashboards and reporting capabilities, and third-party content gathering and rebranding.

MaaX supports IaaS services, including cloud storage and virtual servers from an increasing number of strategic partners, assisting customers in moving whole IT infrastructures to the cloud. With Parallels APS Package, partners can benefit from low upfront setup fees and good-to-go capabilities to have MaaX running quickly.

President of Mural, Steve Zimba, commented: ‘Adopting new technology can be intimidating and time-consuming for SMBs, leading to low activation and underutilized services. We’re hearing from our customers and partners that it’s very difficult to migrate to cloud storage, and so we have developed MaaX to solve this problem.’

You can find out more about Platform MaaX’s services on the Mural website.

University College London to Build its Own Online Storage Facility

It has been revealed that one of the United Kingdom’s forefront universities, University College London (UCL), which has 25 Nobel Prize winners among its former graduates, has recently begun constructing a 100 petabyte online storage facility to optimize research.

The aim of the facility is to provide a platform whereby up to three thousand researchers can effortlessly share, store and re-use files without the worry of storage volume restrictions. UCL has stated that its first step towards creating this environment is a six hundred terabyte system constructed using tech provider DataDirect Networks.

The school has faith in the monetary benefits, expecting an annual saving of over a hundred thousand pounds. This will be achieved by replacing many storage accounts throughout over one hundred of its departments, research centers and institutes.

Savings in way of real estate costs are also there to be had. UCL is situated in the Bloomsbury district of London where rental space can cost anywhere from $750 to $2200 per square foot. UCL says that the new system will additionally help it better meet increasingly strict compliance requirements for preservation of research data as enforced by the UK’s government funding and research bodies.

UCL’s Head of Research Data Services Max Wilkinson said: ‘We were very interested in forming a relationship with a strong online storage partner to bridge our technology gap. (This new system) is empowering us to deliver productivity and cost savings through a simplified approach.’

Storage Architect for Research Data Services Dr Daniel Hanlon also commented: ‘It was vital that (our new) solution gave us various ways to access the same storage so we could be compatible with existing application codes. The tendency with other solutions was to provide us with bits of technology that had been developed in different spaces, and this didn’t quite solve our problem.’

UCL took warmly to the fact that the provider works with open source solutions, as that increases the school’s chance of sharing facilities with various other academic organizations.

DataDirect Networks has said the new system is constructed using a distributed object storage architecture using parallel file storage. This approach offers high scalability as it drops the conventional file system for an approach that makes it simpler and more rigid to increase online storage volumes.

This area of storage technology, according to IDC Research Director Ashishi Nadkarni, is expanding quicker than any other segment in the file-and-object storage market. He commented: ‘UCL is a fine example of mainstream private cloud adoption of object storage for collaborative sharing.’

Latest Reviews for Online Backup

Overall Rating
By Chris. February 29 2012

The free trial was more than enough to convert me to signing up to MyPC Backup. It was easy to install, easy to program and the opportunity to sync multiple computers sealed the deal. I haven’t had any problems yet and I don’t forsee any either.

Overall Rating
Great Experience
By Emma. February 13 2012

After a horrible experience with another online backup service a friend recommended JustCloud to me and I have never looked back. There service is seamless and their customer support team couldn’t be more helpful. I have since recommended them a handful of people who all seem equally happy with their service.

Overall Rating
By Anonymous. February 21 2012

Who doesn’t offer a free trial these days? LiveDrive apparently. I’d heard good things, but without being able to test it 1st I certainly won’t be becoming a customer.

Overall Rating
Really Impressed!
By Paul. March 28 2012

I’m really impressed by ZipCloud. They offer unlimited cloud storage and the ability to access files from multiple devices anywhere in the world. Perfect for me as I travel a lot and like to keep up to date with what is going on in my office.

Overall Rating
More storage needed
By Olivia. February 4 2012

I can’t knock SugarSync for their feature list or their level of security but I do wish they offered more storage for the money they charge. Other providers like MyPC Backup can, so why can’t they? Unlimited storage would make this product flawless.

Overall Rating
Slowed so I switched
By Polly. February 12 2012

I used to subscribe to Mozy and was more than happy with its service, but over the years it has dwindled. Service got slower and slower and customer service was no help so I switched to MyPC Backup and couldn’t be happier.

Overall Rating
By Maria. March 15 2012

iCloud is fabulous. The concept, the look, the fact it’s free. Not having to include my music in my 5GB provision means there is plenty of space for the small amount of documentation I have on my PC.

Overall Rating
By Victoria. March 14 2012

I’ve been doing my research and whilst Carbonite offers an OK service, there are much better out there. They have a great reputation but newcomers to the market are definitely starting to supersede them in terms of features and price.

Overall Rating
Recommend to anyone
By John. March 10 2012

I’d recommend Backblaze to anyone. Their service is simple to install and easy to get the hang of. It doesn’t have the most features but it is good value for money.

Overall Rating
Need more storage!
By Piers. February 16 2012

SOS has some good features and overall provides a good service but their storage allowance lets them down. If other people can offer unlimited storage, why can’t SOS? MyPC Backup are number 1 for a reason.